(Submission form can be found below ToS)

I will NOT draw full visible nudity or pornography

Please read the this information carefully before proceeding! Thank you very much for your support!

  1.  These commissions are only for PERSONAL USE unless it has been discussed otherwise!

  • Commercial - the price for the rights to reproduce the art will vary, and can be discussed over email.

  • Personal - By requesting a commission, you are agreeing to no reproduction or redistribution of the image without prior consent. Uploading to personal social accounts is permitted with full credit and link to my Instagram account. Please email me if you have questions about what is considered personal.

   2.   I reserve the right to upload the final illustration to my personal galleries/socials. If you do not wish for the image to be posted publicly please let me know in the form.

   3.   Commissioner Accepts Artist's Creative Vision

  • Commissioner agrees that Artist will complete Work in Artist's creative style at Artist's sole discretion. If Commissioner refuses to receive Work or demands Work be redone, it is understood and agreed that Commissioner is canceling the Agreement, and no fee will be refunded.

   4.  Cancellation, and Expiration

  • The fee for Work is non-refundable. If Commissioner nonetheless does not want or refuses to receive Work, Artist may decide whether or not to complete Work, and will exclusively retain all rights to Work. This agreement expires if it is verbally or through writing (including, but not limited to, by e-mail or text chat) withdrawn by Artist.


  1. Work will only start on the commission once payment has been accepted.

  2. After the commission has been accepted, I will reply to your email and send you an izettle payment link. Please use GBP currency. Alternative payment methods available on request. 

  3. An initial sketch will be sent, and I will ask for a confirmation of the image, and that you're happy for the work to proceed. (You have one round of change requests at this sketch stage!)

  4. The final piece will be delivered through Wetransfer or similar as a high quality jpg/png/pdf - please specify prior if you have a file format preference. 

Commission Request Form

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